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.Summer Loving.


.Summer Loving.

Bridget Connelly

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  ~ Plato

The cure for a bad day, a stressful situation, a worried mind, an added bonus to a party, the makings of a great day — all come back to enjoying good, good tunes. I’ve found myself in situations time and again, where listening to music helps me focus, think creatively, puts me at ease, and stirs up strong emotions. Some of the most memorable nights of my life have been enjoying live music, with the best of people and a nice cold one. I couldn't think of anything better. 

When the temperatures start rising and the daylight hours linger a bit longer, I know one thing is for certain: outdoor concerts and music festival season are upon us. Leading up to this season you can find me scouring the internet looking for shows. Then trying to plan work trips around them (sorry!), booking visits home coincidentally at the same time as a concert, contemplating what I can sell off, and how I can afford to attend all of the ones that I must see. Most of the time, some way or another, I can pull it off. For a full night of dancing, until I can no longer feel my feet, to live music that moves every ounce of me, with a grin that never leaves my face — there is always a way! 

This spring and summer I knew there were some must sees on that list. I frolicked and danced the night away, sang my heart out and made some lovely new friends. One of those being the Jimmy Buffet concert at Alpine Valley— my favorite venue of all time. There we sipped fresh, delicious margaritas, bounced around the lawn parties and met a slew of Parrotheads. It’s always a rip-roaring good time. The Soulshine Tour was another highlight. This was a Yoga and Music Festival featuring some of my favorite bands at the moment: SOJA, Sonna Rele, Trevor Hall and Michael Franti. The variety of artists’ lyrics promote equality, being kind to one another, living authentically and taking care of this earth. Their messages are empowering and positive. Something that not enough artists focus on. As Bono once said, “Music can change the world because it can change people." The contagiously, energetic tour was not only impacting by the music played, but also in the incredible foundations they support. One being the  “Do it for Love Foundation.” This organization brings people in advance stages of life threatening illness, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans to live concerts. It was powerful to watch these affected children and families’ dance, smile and move their bodies on stage to the performances — all the while they were absolutely beaming. It was a special night for them and for everyone in the crowd.

Kings of Leon will always be a favorite band of mine. Their emotional and energetic concert in San Diego, plus the tailgate before, plus the crew we were with, plus sneaking in mini champagne cans all made this night another solid summer show. Finally the concert of all concerts, the dream team, my girl Bey and her fella Jay put on a show that rocked our socks off (we weren't wearing socks, but if we were, you catch my drift). Their vocals, the dancing, the outfits, the movies, the crowd, everything = Mind Blown. My cousins, girlfriends and I had the time of our lives at their On the Run tour. I’m pretty sure all of Soldier Field did — the stadium was literally shaking. It's a night we will  never forget. We can only hope they come back for round two (fingers crossed!!). 

With Labor Day having come and gone, it seems as though Summer is coming to an end. Although the good thing about San Diego is that it is kind of always summer (sorry everywhere else!). I joke, but in all seriousness Fall concerts are already on the radar. Some live shows and talented artists that I’m really looking forward to seeing in the upcoming months include Sam Smith, Jamestown Revival, Lord Huron and Ray Lamontagne. Trying to swing a Hozier show in there too— who is an extremely artist I'm currently listening to on repeat. Summer songs, new music-loving pals, tailgates and hot, sweaty outdoor shows I’m really going to miss you, but I see soul-moving jams in my future and I can’t wait.

 See ya next time Margaritaville~

See ya next time Margaritaville~